Magento training
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As an administrator or a future e-Merchant, you will learn the best practices
with Magento and make the right choices for your website.

Magento Administrator Training

e-Merchant, you want to master Magento. As an administrator or a future e-Merchant, you will
learn the best practices with Magento and make the right choices for your website.

Course prerequisite

Knowledge of eCommerce.

Course objectives

  • - Mastering the Magento backend
  • - Manage and e-Commerce website based on Magento.

Course description

This course focuses on the practical aspect of the solution and our experts will teach
the students how to master the Magento administration. The students will learn
all the fundamentals aspects needed to perfectly understand the administration
with Magento : the organization of products catalog to adapt to the UK market,
through the management of order flow and trade facilitation.

The trainer will be there to guide the students through practical exercises which
focus on real case studies and specific issues of participants.

The Magento Administrator Training is proposed on the two latest versions
of Magento on Community Edition 1.6.x for a period of 2 days, and Enterprise 1.11
for a period of 3 days.

After the training

Our Magento experts provide 2 hours of professional support in the 6 months
following the training.

Magento Administrator Training plan

  • Introduction to Magento : features, key concepts and ecosystem
    • Background and Features
    • Magento in figures
    • About Magento Inc., the Magento editor
    • The Magento ecosystem and its relevance to users

      Magento installation
    • Installation best practices and demo database
    • Installing a Magento instance
    • Migration of a Magento instance
    • Update a Magento instance
    • Lab : Magento installation and migration

      Magento Connect, the Magento marketplace
    • Best practices with Magento Connect
    • Magento Connect, V1.5 and V2
    • The Downloader and the Enterprise/Professional editions
    • Lab : Installing a Magento module

      Multiple websites management
    • Websites
    • Stores
    • Stores views

      Catalog management
    • Category management : creating and setting
    • Category management : relationship between categories and products
    • Attributes management : attributes types
    • Attributes management : frontend properties
    • Configuration for the UK market : VAT settings
    • Configuration for the UK market : terms and conditions
    • Configuration for the UK market : currency management
    • Configuration for the UK market : system configuration

      Product management
    • Relationship between attribute groups and products
    • Product types and associated parameters
    • General informations
    • Manage price levels
    • Inventory management
    • Customer relationships and product
    • Marketing tools (related products, up-sells and cross-sells)
    • Customized products

      Customer management
    • Groups and general information
    • Main informations (history, orders and carts, ...)
    • Creating orders from the backend

      Sales management
    • Managing orders and invoices
    • Shipping management
    • Refund management
    • Management of canceled orders and reorders
    • Clients notifications

      Marketing tools
    • Coupons (cart)
    • Coupons (catalog)
    • Manage newsletters

      Content management
    • Static pages
    • Widgets
    • Widgets instances
    • Relations between static blocks, frontend and events sales

      Activity monitoring
    • Online customers
    • Sales reports
    • Carts reports
    • Products reports
    • Customer reports

      Other Magento features
    • Access control management
    • Updates notifications
    • Backups
    • SEO setup and sitemap

      Adapt Magento for a project
    • Settings
    • Installation and configuration of modules
    • Most popular payment modules
    • Most popular shipping modules
    • Recommended modules

      Staging website
    • Interest of using a staging website
    • Relations with the multiple website feature
    • Create and configure a test site
    • Best Practices

      Permissions of users accounts and monitoring
    • Access control in Magento EE
    • Log of actions performed in the Administration

      Customer segmentation (Rich Merchandizing Suite)
    • Interests of the customer segmentation
    • Create and configure segments
    • Relationship between customer segments and frontoffice
    • Reports on customer segmentation

      Advanced content management (CMS +)
    • Version management of static pages
    • Hierarchy of static pages
    • Managing banners : relations with customer segmentation
    • Managing banners : relations with the promotions
    • Alternatives to the CMS tool +

      Virtual currency and assets
    • General principles applied to assets
    • Assign a credit to a customer
    • Repay an order form to have

      Private sales
    • General principles applied to private sales
    • Create and set up a private sale
    • Generate buzz for the private sale
    • Reports on the invitations sent

      Limiting access to classes
    • Interests and uses of the system
    • Relations with the multi-shops and multi-site
    • Interest in a B2B

      Gift Certificates
    • Creating Gift Certificates
    • Setup Gift Certificates
    • Associate a gift certificate to a client
    • Virtual or physical gift certificates

      Rewards points
    • Interest of rewards points
    • Setting the rules for rewards points
    • Assign points to a client

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