Magento training
Developer course

Developers : you want to improve your development skills
and become a Magento expert.

Magento Developer Training

Developers : you want to improve your development skills and become a Magento expert.
Freelancers or agencies : this training is an opportunity to practise on real case studies
and improve quickly and efficiently.

Course prerequisite

  • - Good knowledge of PHP
  • - Knowledge of object-oriented programming
  • - Knowledge of Magento Back Office

Course objectives

  • - To master the Magento architecture technique
  • - To adapt Magento to specific needs
  • - To learn the best practices in development

Course description

All of our Magento experts are involved in very large eCommerce projects in Europe
(France, Belgium, Spain) and have great working experience. As a result, this course
emphasizes the practical aspect of the solution, and students will learn the best
development techniques with Magento.

The first day, students will understand the Magento basics and tools that help them
develop the solution. The second, third and fourth days, students will learn the
template system and modules development on Magento. Finally, the last day will be
dedicated to the import/export of elements and complementary topics based on your
choices. Students will be asked to practice their skills throughout the course with our many
exercises, which are real Magento projects. The trainer will be there to guide students
and advise them about the best practices.

This training lasts 5 days and is based on the latest version of the solution. We provide
you with 150 pages of course support, which explains in detail all the key elements of the
training with specific examples and advice based on the experience of our Magento experts.

After the training

Our Magento experts provide 2 hours of professional support in the 6 months
following the training.

Magento Developer Training plan

    Introduction to Magento: features, key concepts and ecosystem

    • Background and Features
    • Magento and Technology
    • Magento in figures
    • About Magento Inc.., Editor Magento
    • The Magento ecosystem and its relevance to developers

    Magento installation

    • Tips for installation and demo database
    • Installing an instance Magento
      • Installation on development machine
      • Installation on preproduction infrastructure and prod
      • Industrialize the Magento installation
    • Migrate an instance Magento
    • Update an instance Magento


    • Magento installation and migration

    Magento Connect, the marketplace for Magento

    • Although use Magento Connect
    • Magento Connect, V1.5 and V2
    • The Downloader and Enterprise versions & Professional


    • Establishment of the French translation

    Tools to help with developments in Magento

    • Magento and Zend Studio
    • Magento and Zend Application Server
    • Other development tools and debugging
    • Tools built into Magento


    • Using Zend Studio
    • Using Zend Application Server

    Template system and relations with the views module

    • Magento folder structure
    • Terminology
      • Websites, Stores and Shops Views
      • Interfaces
      • Themes (layouts, templates, skins)
      • (Blocks of structure, content blocks)
    • Organizing templates
      • Directories interfaces, themes and settings
      • Hierarchy of themes and interfaces
      • Composition layouts
      • Relationship Management and layouts
    • Tips for proper operation of the fallback
    • Relations with the modules and the MVC architecture


    • Operation of the template
    • Interaction analysis and design modules

    Magento Module Development

    • General structure
      • Module Types
      • Declaration module
      • Folders and links with the MVC structure
    • Content and inner workings
      • Basic configuration of the module
      • Give a view on a module
        • Creating block
        • Binding of a template system to block
        • Action on a block from the layout
        • Caching a block
      • Creating Helper
      • Give access to a specific module
        • Creating controller
        • Linking action to a view
        • Tracking and routing requests
        • Relations with the Zend Framework
      • Providing resources to a module
        • Composition of the database and EAV
        • Initialize resources database
        • Update resources
        • Uninstall and rollback?
      • Learn and exploit the resources created
        • Establishment and Operation of Model
        • Creation and operation of Resource Model
        • Creation and operation of DB Resource Model
        • Manipulate and filter collections and objects
    • Interactions with other modules
      • Overload blocks, models and controllers?
      • Events & Observers
    • Backoffice integration
      • System
      • Creating menus
      • Management of access rights (ACLs)
      • Exploiting Form and Grid widgets
    • Other Features
      • Translation Management
      • Sending Emails
      • CRON tasks


    • Analyses and achievements modules using techniques provided by Magento Development

    Import and export of items under Magento

    • Profile Configuration
    • Prerequisites
    • Dataflow products
      • Exporting simple products
      • Import simple products
      • The special case of complex products
    • Dataflow customers
      • Export Accounts Receivable
      • Import Accounts Receivable
    • Dataflow attributes and categories?


    • Import and export of items

    Webservice Magento

    • Uses and interests Webservice
    • Performance Webservice
    • Protocols: SOAP vs. XML-RPC?
    • Methods Available
    • Enriching Webservice


    • Calling the API
    • Creation and retrieval products
    • Creating and Retrieving Categories
    • Handling customer accounts and other entities

    Working methodology Magento

    • The importance of unit testing
      • A living heart that goes in hard
      • Adopt industry practices
      • Test your code
    • Solve simple problems
      • Analyze error messages
      • Proceed step by step
      • Using Zend Debugger and Zend_Debug
      • Making the best reporting tool
      • Solicit Zend Studio and Zend Server


    • Writing unit tests for Magento
    • Using Zend_Debug and FirePHP
    • Using Zend Debugger and Zend Code Tracing

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