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expertise and support

Usability, SEO, performances,… resort to experts.
Optimize your functional and technical choices involving our expertise on your projects.

e-Commerce Consulting, expertise and support

Why resorting to support ?

The necessity to set a reliable and sustainable technical platform requires to master
several steps of an e-Commerce project. Guidance through a transfer of competences
is therefore needed to prevent functional and technical problems from occurring.

What are the benefits ?

Committed to your side, we will guide you in order to ensure the effective conduct of
your project. Setting up/performing a transfer of competences, we guarantee your
control over the costs and of the specific developments.

Why the Academy ?

Our expertise and our independence towards the solution editors and the integrators
enable your teams to really master the project they work on and time gains that
can be measured in weeks.

Practical and experienced experts gathered in a reliable and neutral organization,
our significant returns of experience on e-Commerce projects have already benefitted
to numerous websites (with high financial and technical stakes).

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