Magento audit,
expertise and optimization

Usability, SEO, performances,… are you satisfied with your e-Commerce website ?
Make your website more reliable and optimized benefiting from our custom made recommendations.

Usability, SEO, performances,… are you satisfied with your e-commerce website?

Why performing an audit ?

What you do not know may harm you. The high level of complexity of an e-commerce project
is likely to generate bugs/code dysfunction or performance degradation/problems. A precise
and neutral overview of the sate of your code may therefore enable you to identify and prevent
the potential or actual problems your website is suffering from.

What are the benefits ?

Ensuring you to have afterwards a reliable technical platform and optimized performances,
our independent audits enable your team to concentrate on functional evolutions rather than
spending time on maintaining and stabilizing the existing code.

Why the Academy ?

Our expertise and our independence towards the solution editors and the integrators
enable your teams to really master the project they work on and time gains that can
be measured in weeks.

Practical and experienced experts gathered in a reliable and neutral organization,
our significant returns of experience on e-Commerce projects have already benefitted
to numerous websites (with high financial and technical stakes).

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