Consulting, audit, training
The dedicated Magento company

With more than 800 professionals trained and advised, the e-Commerce Academy
supports your Magento projets with consulting, audit and training.

A center of expertise for e-Commerce solutions

The e-Commerce Academy is a training center dedicated to e-Commerce solutions.
With already over 800 trained professionals, the e-Commerce Academy
quickly emerged as the standard for fast and controlled increase in skills.

Animated by true Magento experts, the courses are based on experience in Magento
projects and coupled with a high level of expertise. In line with the reality of the projects,
our courses provide a real return on investment with a gain of time measured in weeks.

Magento Developer Training

Developers : you want to improve your development skills and become a
Magento expert. Freelancers or agencies : this training is an opportunity to practise on
real case studies and improve quickly and efficiently. Course details

Magento Designer Training

Designer or graphical integrator : you want to customize, design, create and master
Magento's templating system. This course is designed for freelancers or agencies
that have a good knowledge of XHTML/CSS and want to customize
Magento interfaces. Course details

Magento Administator Training

e-Merchant : you want to master Magento. As an administrator or a future
e-Merchant, you will learn the best practices with Magento and make the right choices
for your website. Course details